Meth Treatment

Meth Rehab
Meth addiction is widespread. Because it effects many areas of an individuals life it is important to treat the whole person. The emotion, physical, and social problems meth causes all have to be addressed before sobriety can be maintained.

Meth Detox
Detox is the first step in meth addiction treatment. This is usually handled as a medical matter on an inpatient basis. The physical symptoms of withdrawal will gradually resolve after about a week. Because meth addiction produces such strong cravings, and because withdrawal can be difficult, medical supervision in a rehab center is necessary.

Detox will certainly result in depression and deep feelings of helplessness. A marked inability to enjoy pleasurable activities is common. Suicidal thoughts may occur along with irritability and aggression.

As the patient progresses through detox, they are able to accept some help with their problems. Meth addiction isn’t a standalone condition. Drug use will almost certainly have ruined relationships and financial status. Counseling directed at staying off the drug is important, but a full assessment and course of therapy is best.

Therapy is usually a combination of individualized sessions and group meetings. Psychologists recognize the value of sharing meth experiences and stories about recovery. Many will incorporate a 12-step program into a larger course of treatment.

A common approach is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This attempts to teach useful life and coping skills to head off drug use. Patients are taught to view their drug use in a fuller and more realistic fashion and are educated on the physical and psychological effects of addiction.

A newer form of group therapy is called witness group. This approach invites loved ones to share their stories along with addicts and is meant to help both the addict and their significant others. In this practice, therapists ask questions to direct a group conversation, allowing the members to come to their own answers naturally. The purpose is to treat the larger social sphere instead of just the addict.

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